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Westwind Farm

A Guide to Our Flours

Wild Rose Bread Flour is milled from hard red spring wheat. It comes in 3 grades. Unbleached is the most refined product we make. It contains only the starch (white) of the wheat berry. Unbleached is similar to a white flour, and holds together the best. Whole Wheat contains the starch and the wheat germ. Graham contains the starch wheat germ, and wheat bran. It is the healthiest, & heaviest of the three.

Sweet Pea Pastry Flour is milled from soft red or white winter wheat. It comes in Unbleached and whole wheat. Unbleached is our most refined product, c0ntaining only the starch (white ) of the wheat berry. Whole wheat contains the starch and wheat germ of the wheat berry.

Forget Me Not Minor Grains include rye, oat, buckwheat, garbanzo and barley flours. They come in 3 grades. Light is similar to unbleached in wheat products?it contains only the starch of the grain. Medium contains the starch and the germ, and dark contains the starch, germ, and bran. These grains are lower in gluten than wheat. Spelt is the most similar in taste to wheat. Garbanzo is gluten free.

Spelt is an ancient form of wheat which contains less gluten than wheat. This grain comes in light, medium, and dark, as described above, and is the most similar in taste to wheat. Spelt has a cake-like texture similar to pastry flour, but can be used for bread, as well.

Morning Glory Pancake Mixes come in four varieties. These include standard (unbleached flour), whole wheat, buckwheat, and Atlas Mills? Buckwheat with Corn (our replica of an old recipe). They are sugar-free, made with non-aluminum baking powder, and have no preservatives.

Sunflower Bran Muffins come in 7 different fruit varieties, 2 herb bran muffins, & a plain bran muffin. We do a moist, sweet corn bread under this label, as well. The fruit muffins have no sugar added, but there is a small amount of sugar that comes in the fruit when we purchase it. Bran & corn bread recipes do call for sugar. Fructose or xylitol can be substituted.

Keep refrigerated for best nutritive value.

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