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This old mill has a long story to tell about its own role in American history. Originally built in 1836 on a land grant begun in the term of President Andrew Jackson, it was completed in the term of President Martin Van Buren. The mill and surrounding property was claimed by James Murray in 1835, at which point he built a sawmill and the dam, followed by our flour mill. By 1842, the federal government had deeded the property to him.

Many people have come and gone as owner/operators of the old Argentine Mill. In 1867, the mill was purchased by Albert Hall for$4500 from Jesse Bishop. Dr. Isaac Wixom owned the mill for 14 years. He was a country doctor who wanted to change careers. He became famous for perfecting a type of hip amputation during the Civil War.  He also served as a state legistator, and the city of Wixom is now named after him.  In 1895, WB Stiles operated the mill and sawmill, as well. By 1910, his son Dennis Stiles ran things. In 1919, WB started an insurance business, in which their descendants are still involved today. About that time, WB Stiles suffered a crushing accident here at the mill, from which he died two weeks later. Dennis Stiles lost the mill during the Depression.

In 1937, Anson Wolcott bought the mill and brought his brother, Frank Sr., into partnership with him. Anson died during the 1940's and Frank Sr. ran it until his death in 1977, when his son Frank, Jr., took over. Wolcotts sold the mill to Argentine Township in 1993, after which it lay vacant until 2000, when we purchased it and re-named it Westwind Milling Co., LLC.

Today we continue the tradition of grinding healthy grains and making mixes, with the added component of baking breads and pastries for today's community.

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Lee and Linda Purdy, Owners

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