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 A selection of our products are now fresh on the shelf at Argus Farm Stop in Ann Arbor, as well as Selden Standard and Rose's Fine Foods, both in Detroit!

Westwind Milling Company

News and Upcoming Events

Winter Bread Classes

Saturday, January 31, 1-4 pm
Multi Grain and Spelt Bread
Both are very healthy breads in different forms. This class shows how different flours work differently with water, in kneading, rising, etc. Make your own loaf of each, and bring them home, along with recipes & information about local and organic foods.  $25 each  

Saturday, February 14, 1-4 pm
Cinnamon Rolls & French Country Bread
Bring your sweetie, and have a really fun afternoon baking sweet spelt cinnamon rolls and romantic, REAL bread - Pain de Campagne, the French Country peasant loaf. Make your French bread in various shapes, from a classic boule or baguette to sheaves of wheat, take your pick.  Take both home and enjoy with a romantic dinner and have gooey cinnamon rolls for breakfast!  Includes recipes as well as information regarding local and organic foods.  Cost:  $25 each.  

Sunday, March 15, 1-4 pm
Marbled Rye and Soft Fruit Breads
One layered and one mixed, these two very different breads are both wonderful variations on a theme, showing how you can make very different breads from very similar flours.  Cost:  $25 each.  

Saturday, April 4, 10:30 am - 1:30 pm
Hot Cross Buns
This one is extra special!  This is the day before Easter, so we try to get them done earlier in the day, as we know you are all busy.  However, these traditional rolls are so wonderful for Easter morning or for a mid-day meal, we don't want to miss scheduling them.  Each person takes home a dozen Hot Cross Buns, loaded with spices, fruit, zests, extract and glaze! Cost $20 each. 

NOTE: All classes include a Mill Tour while your breads are rising and baking, as well as recipes for the breads you made that day. If weather is just too cold outside to be enjoyable, we’ll do hot chocolate and the indoor section of our tour instead.

Call us at (810) 735-9192 or for more info, reservations, directions, etc.

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